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The Psychology behind Celebrity Worship. Who Rules you?!

2 Jan


Ever wondered why your best friend seems so infatuated with the music band; One Direction, so much so that every item in her bedroom seems to have their faces plastered all over it? Or perhaps a thing for The Wanted?! Whatever the case maybe, the “Celebrity worship syndrome” is becoming more and more prevalent within our society at large than ever before . Whether your Keeping up with the Kardashian’s or hooked on the Duchess of Cambridge; it is evident that the celebs that grace our magazines, television screens and even our phones on a daily basis; are simply and quite frankly – constantly on our minds. It is true that these famous individuals effect us all in such a significant way; you only have to walk into your local newsagent store to find someone frivolously flicking through their favourite magazine in order to get the latest gossip on their idol. Or perhaps visit a music concert, where young girls merrily throw their bras at their handsome famous idols. Whatever the case may be, whether we consciously or unconsciously know it, we all to some degree; have the “celebrity worship syndrome”. Continue reading