Hi! I’m Temi and welcome to my blog. I am an undergraduate Psychology student (soon to be graduate), who is fanatic about Psychology (hence why I started this blog). I intend to build my own private psychological firm after University (and with determination I believe I can)! My private firm will mostly offer patients relationship counselling, general counselling and therapy such as CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy). I look forward to the journey ahead as I know it will be a long one, but I am nonetheless, committed.

Why is Psychology even important in the world today?
Psychology plays a fundamentally important role in how we as individuals perceive one another. It also plays a fundamentally important role in how we perceive  situations, interactions and indeed, the general world that we live in. Psychology is all about making sense of how we feel, and why we feel the way that we do. Its about understanding why other people behave the way they do, and the possible underlying cognitive, biological and even social causes of their actions.
Psychology is important because “no man is an island”; we all interact with one another, and understanding why someone behaved in a certain way towards us is all about psychology. Psychology happens on a daily basis!

This blog is ultimately focused on all things psychological. It aims to look at everyday situations, and phenomenon’s from a psychological point of view. It may even delve into the celebrity world! I do hope you enjoy! Please share and follow! 🙂


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