Happy New Year!

2 Jan

Happy New Year

The Beginning of something new!

We are now well into the New Year – 2013, and I’m sure the New Year resolutions have already started forming. I for one, can safely say I feature into that category, with one of my resolutions being this blog. Every year, I try to start the year with a brand new project.  Last year was Youtube! This year is blogging; I had been advised to start, so now I am finally doing it! 🙂

I am so grateful to have made it to a New Year. Reviewing the past year is important in discovering what you learnt ( the good, the bad and the ugly); and what you will do to improve yourself for a brand new year.  I personally discovered a lot, not only about myself, but also about other people in 2012.  This may sound somewhat cliché, but I began to find the real me and being away at University really enabled this to occur. I developed academically, spiritually, physically but also in so many other ways. Last year also opened up my eyes to the great demands that life can throw at us.

I can safely say that how I began 2012 was not how I ended it; because I ended it a totally different person! I have no regrets about the past year, and I am really expectant for this new year! I believe it is going to be a year that is pregnant with opportunities, happiness, surprises, testimonies, and love! And with graduation on the cards in 2013, I am definitely an excited woman!!

Whatever may have occurred in 2012, leave it in the past, but learn from it! It is a new year, and it is a time to build a new you! Why not grab this opportunity with both hands?



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